Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tucker Carlson Makes Shit Up

I couldn't bear to stick arround and watch the show, but MSNBCs Tucker Carlson stated tonight that "the liberal blogs are running with a story that Cheney is covering up for an affair." Now, Tucker shields himself by attaching the blind quote, obviously we don't know what blogs he's looking at. But let's do a quickie survey of the major blogs that I tend to look at along my sidebar. I will look only at the significant partison blogs, excluding SCOTUSBlog, the Poetry Scorecard, Blue Oregon, The Emergingg Democratic Majority, and Juan Cole. If for no better reason then that I'm sure they aren't even talking about the issue.
Alternet-Discussion of "A beer or two and a gun"
Atrios-Discusses how well Cheney knew Mr. Wittington, and addresses right wing claims that the media is at fault for the incident.
DailyKos-A lot on drunkenness
LiberalOasis-Absolutely Nothing on the Cheney shooting
MyDD-Nothing on the subject
My Very Brain-Nothing but the bare facts.
Talking Points Memo-Discussion of the police investigation.
Think Progress-News coverage of the question of Cheney possibly being drunk.

So, after actually examining major blogs, one can only conclude that either Tucker was just flatly making shit up, or he decided that this was his story and went way out of his way to find a liberal blog to back up his case. Since there are so many liberal blogs out there, I'm sure that somebody did in fact say that, but it aint anyone who very many people read. Congratulations Tucker, you can conduct a google blog search. Very good, you pass the test.


Jenni Simonis said...

Here's the link I got in my e-mail in regards to a story about him having an affair:

Jenni Simonis said...

whoops, too long:

Cwech said...

That doesn't say anything about him having an affair, it says he's covering something up, it says he was probably drinking, but it doesn't say a thing about him having an affair. Though I thank you for your comment as I will admit that I did not look at the Huffington Post, it is one worth looking at. But that story doesn't suggest that Cheney was having an affair, unless you make the stretch to say that by calling it "Cheney's Chappaquiddick" you are claiming that he had an affair, which is a silly outrageous interpretation.