Thursday, March 02, 2006

Senate Passes PATRIOT ACT

And Larry Craig is a goddamn hypocrite. After Rep. Butch Otter proved to him that opposition to the PATRIOT ACT was politically popular in Idaho Craig spend the next 3 years speaking against the act. Now when the time to really stand up comes, he votes for it again. In other news, most of the Democratic caucus is gutless. Feingold was only able to garner 15 votes against cloture and 10 against the bill itself. Though in the end, it may not matter since the President doesn't seem to think it matters what is and is not legal. Since Bush thinks he's king, in fact, a post over at the Volokh conspiracy wonders whether the domestic spying program began even before the AUMF passed Congress. I don't see why anyone felt the need to pass the PATRIOT ACT even if they are its most outspoken supporters.

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greenink said...

What? Larry Craig a hypocrite? No, can't be. He's a republican, after all, and republicans are perfect. It's funny (or it would be if it wasn't so pathetic) to see how true conservatives in the GOP try so hard to stick with their principles during the debate portion of the program, but then they bend over for the leadership every single time. Party ├╝beralles.

(The democrats behave in a similar fashion, all sound and fury, signifying nothing. 15 votes to stem the tide of the goosesteppers?!? That's it? Why do they even bother? And against a president with approval ratings that look more like a decent batting average.)

As you say, Bush will do what he wants anyway. The Republicans don't care to stop him, and the Democrats are too busy figuring out how to look good on TV.