Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bush Tries to Reconcile House and Senate Immigration Bills

President Bush attempting to convince the House and Senate Republicans to reach a compromise over their competing immigration bills today spoke from the US Chamber of Commerce headquarters on the need for compromise.

At this point it strikes me that neither bill is good, the Senate bill is bad but not terrible and the House bill is outrageous. There is no reason that this issue needs to be dealt with at this exact moment. Democrats should withdraw their support and allow Republicans to feud over the xenophobe bill and the corporate friendly bill. If most Democrats withdraw their support from both bills I don't think there's any way that these can be reconciled, we can come back to the issue after the midterms or after the 2008 Presidential election. Until this is taken for what it is, an economic refugee crisis nothing good can come of it. What is needed is serious visa reform (which a guest worker program with a path to citizenship starts to do), a renegotiating of NAFTA, and a committment to helping Mexico improve her rural infrastructure. As long as we're talking about militarizing the border, eliminating due process for illegal immigrants, and building a giant fence nothing should be passed.

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Abe said...

Good for President Bush to try to work out a compromise. I really like the Senate bill (sans the fance and English as the national language). I don't see a reason why the Democrats should pull their support now, support the Senate bill, it not the final step just the first one, this is a pressing issue that needs to be dealt with. We do need Visa reform so that more Mexicans can come over, I am fine with NAFTA the way it is; I will not apoloige for being a fan of free trade. As for helping Mexico rebuild its infrasructure lets focus on problems here at home (such as the 45 millions Americans without health insurance) and then we can worry about the rest of the world, Mexico isn't Haiti it can look after itself.