Friday, July 28, 2006

Republicans Bring Back Estate Tax Repeal

House Republicans have brought back the estate tax repeal with a new catch to try to get a few more Democrats to vote for it. After the estate tax repeal failed in the Senate, House Republicans are now trying it again but this time adding in a minimum wage increase to con some Democrats into voting for it.

Democrats who oppose the estate tax repeal should have some patience. They can afford to shoot down this measure and bring a minimum wage increase to the floor on their own terms when they win the House back in November. This is just bait, and it should not be taken. I'm actually wondering if it will peel off as many Republican votes from members who oppose a minimum wage increase but support the estate tax repeal as it will Democrats who support a minimum wage increase but oppose the estate tax repeal.


Abe said...

Any Democrat who voted for this is not too bright.

Abe said...

Looks like we got 180 not to bright Democrats in the House.

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