Saturday, December 02, 2006

Damnit Kitzhaber!

Well, this is pretty unambiguous.

Kitzhaber is a guest on the KWBP interview program Outlook Portland with Nick Fish, to air Sunday morning at 6:30. A clip from it has been posted on the Willamette Week site. It shows what looks like the closing seconds of the program, when Fish asks Kitzhaber, “If the Archimedes Movement is successful and there’s something to be done at the federal level, would you consider running for the Senate?”

A smiling Kitzhaber replied, “No.”

You could parse the question and maybe find a trap door or two, but the speed and abruptness with which the former governor answered seemed to say it all.

That quote from Ridenbaugh Press. I disagree, you cannot "parse the question and maybe find a trap door or two. Kitzhaber is not running, and its a damn shame. Smith has to go, so, who is going to come forward to beat him? Westlund? Blumenauer? Kitzhaber is doing everyone a disservice by not running, but it does no good to dwell on it. Someone has got to take down Smith, Kitzhaber was our best shot, someone needs to step forward.


Greg said...

Yeah, there were a lot of us who felt the same way when he didn't run in 2002. Damn shame, he's a genuinely nice guy and a very good politician.

Don't get your hopes up about any Congressmen running for anything in 2008 though. I think most of them are going to be too busy enjoying their new majority status to want to risk it with a bid for higher office.

Anonymous said...

Blumenauer's running. 100%. My source is on the inside, and is reliable.