Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Weather Griping

Ok, this is directed at everyone in western Oregon and Washington. You're all wimps. Linfield College was cancelled yesterday and the local news out of Portland acted as if all hell had broken loose when the roads were what I would describe as "clear" in both cases. Even so, lets entertain for a moment the possibility that the roads actually were dangerous. Linfield College delayed its opening today, my question is this: how can it take more than 24 hours to get the roads clear? If the roads arent clear by now someone isnt doing their job. Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging (also known as complaining about more relevent things than the weather).


Abe said...

Stop acting superior and like a snob just because you get snow in ID.

Greg said...

Part of the problem is that sigificant snowfall is so rare in the north valley that a lot of jurisdictions don't even own a snowplow.

But yes, I had many of the same reactions after moving to McMinnville from Maine in 1991.