Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Uninspired Blogging

Since the start of the new year I've felt very uninspired as I write this blog. My posts have recently been written most often because I feel like I should post something rather than any sense that I want to talk about a given issue. That all culminated almost two weeks (12 days to be exact) ago when following a post on Lt Watada I proceeded to go on a long hiatus without a single post. What all this tells me is that it is clear that this blog must change its course (much like the US in Iraq only without the bloodshed). It has been my observation that far too little attention is payed by the mainstream press and by major blogs to labor/union issues. I now hope to stake myself out against that trend dedicating the bulk of this blog to precisely those issues. I have set up google and yahoo news alerts for labor and union relevent articles and will try to extensively cover everything union to the best of my ability. If I feel compelled to write about another issue I will, but the bulk of this blog will henceforth be dedicated to labor and unions. Expect this to start sometime today.

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