Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Daily Show Wasn't Funny

Last night the Daily Show had the fewest laughs I've ever seen on that program, a sign of where America is, our situation has become so bad that Jon Stewart can't even effectively make a joke out of it. You could even see it on Stewart's face, there were very few planned jokes on the program, and even fewer ones that were actually funny. One moment was in line with the brilliant humor audiances have come to expect from the Daily Show.
The Iraqi Governing Council has voted to extend its time period for the drafting of a Constitution. I have just one thing to say to them, ok, you can turn it in late, but the best the best you can get on it is a "B", none of this "but we don't have a human rights bill yet." No, you'll turn it in in a week and you'll get no better than a "B".

In other news, I hate slow news weeks, I have had little inclination to write about anything this week except perhaps our arrogant prick of a President who can't even take time out of his vacation to talk to the mother of someone who died in his misguided war. It would make sense for him to talk to Sheehan if nothing else, just from a Public Relations standpoint, it would be in his best interest to talk to her, listen to her grievances and tell the press they had a productive meeting, but they are so arrogant they can't even do that minimum service to a grieving mother.


Abe said...

The Daily show wasn't too bad yesterday with the Kathrine Harris on Hannity and Combs segment was hilarious (It was moments like these where Combs was told to wait in the car) and the interview with Steve carell was awesome. As Paul Begala said on CNN today he could not understand why President Bush did not meet with Cindy, if he did it would be a good PR move and if she didn't leave after the meeting it would discredit here because she said she would, it was a win-win for the President if he met with her.

Cwech said...

Sorry, I just did not find it funny, you're right on Sheehan though, I don't understand what they're pulling not meeting with her.