Wednesday, August 24, 2005

On Trolling

I'm not a big enforcer of trolls on threads, I almost never troll rate comments at DailyKos, but this is rediculous case I'm about to show you, if you want to comment on my blog, please do, but if you want to advertise on my blog please contact me and we'll talk about it, do not post text advertisements to my comments section, from now on they will be deleted. Just to show what I refer to I will leave it up on the original post, but if this happens again I will delete the comment. This comment on a post relating to Pat Robertson's view that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez should be assissinated because "we need oil," and "it would be a lot cheaper than a war," failed to even contain one instance of any of the following key words "Robertson," "Chavez," "Venezuela," "oil," or "war." You troll my blog this bad and I guarantee in the future your comment will be deleted.


Kari Chisholm said...

No, no, no... delete that - and fast.

It's just comment spam like any other. One thing that we're seeing out there is that comment spam seems to "breed" - where a few comment spams stay alive, suddently there will be hundreds. If you delete them quickly, they never even try to post the hundreds.

The theory, amongst those of us who watch this stuff, is that they sprinkled one comment spam on many, many blogs - and then when they find a blogger that doesn't clean up, they inundate that blog.

Delete it. Now.

Cwech said...

Thanks, I didn't know about that, just struck me as unbelievable trolling.