Monday, November 14, 2005

How Libby Matters

I've been tired and the news hasn't been exciting enough to make me write here, but this I found interesting.
Fitzgerald has reinterviewed several witnesses with knowledge of Rove's role in the Plame leak and talked with attorneys of other potential witnesses.

The ongoing investigation means that Rove's legal status is likely to remain up in the air until the final disposition of Libby's case. That could be two years from now, or even longer. Rove's predicament contradicts recent news accounts indicating that Fitzgerald will conclude his probe of Rove in the near future.

While the right spins the Libby indictment as a technicality, it clearly is not. Libby's stonewalling of the investigation has prevented Fitzgerald from being able to make reasonable time in concluding his investigation and he may not have the information he needs until the last days of the Bush Administration or even after they have left office.

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