Monday, August 24, 2009

Cwech Blug is Back!

From June 2005 up to January 2007 I tried to regularly post here, and while there were lull months when something got in my way I was able over that period on most months to post 20 or so times.  After the 2006 election I faded, with class it became difficult to keep posting consistently, and my brain was too fried to come up with interesting things to post.  Even after graduating and getting through the 2008 election cycle I couldn't bring myself to bring the Cwech Blug back online. What I realized during that time was that the Cwech Blug was an important outlet for me to continue to keep my writing sharp and to maintain an outlet for my thoughts. As the health care debate has heated up this August I finally concluded that in spite of being on the verge of starting graduate school (which will undoubtedly put more pressure on me from class than I had as an undergrad), I needed to bring this blog back.  This time I resolved to protect myself from creative lulls and class pressures by adding two good friends with good minds for politics to help me out, with three of us posting it should be a lot easier to consistently keep material coming and to avoid the pressure of having to constantly be posting something just for the sake of posting. This should keep the material here more interesting and fresh, while bringing some different perspectives to the table and allow for consistency of posts.

I hope that I can regain readers and find new ones from the last run at this blog, and keep interesting material coming.

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