Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There's got to be an ad in this somewhere

The conservative strategy in opposing health care reform is clearly to scare the living crap out of the elderly.  The irony in all this being that it is Republicans who are the longstanding enemies of Medicare and social security.  As recently as the past election the Republican Nominee for President advocated cuts in Medicare to slash the federal budget deficit.  So it is really strange to see the Republicans turning seniors into their base as they oppose a centrist plan to reform health care.  So why hasn't Moveon or someone run an ad based on this quote:

"The reality of it is, this single-payer program known as Medicare is a very good example of what we should not have happen with all of our health care," said Steele. "The reality of it is, how many times have we been at the trough of bankruptcy and no money for the Medicare program, where Congress is running around like chickens with their head cut off, trying to figure out how to fix a program that they've already mismanaged? So now you want to do that, Congressman, on a larger scale? You want to include all of us. You're talking about taking our senior population, and expanding it to all of the population? Government cannot run a health care system. they've already shown that. Trust the private markets to do it the right way."
or this one.

We've had Medicare since 1965, and Medicare has never done anything to make people more healthy. If there's any opportunity for more healthy activity, it's going to be, again, a private, competitive...
There's got to be a way to counter the fear mongering, seems to me that while the Republicans are pretending that the Democrats are trying to kill Medicare we should be reminding them who passed and still supports Medicare and who opposed and still hates it.  Where are the moveon ads on this?

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