Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Democrats Call for Tomlinson's Resignation

As the right seeks to destroy PBS, Sixteen Democratic Senators have called for Kenneth Tomlinson's resignation. It appears to me that the plan by Republicans is to accuse PBS and NPR of being too left wing, and get Congress to cut some funding for it. Then PBS and NPR will move their coverage to the right, so that they represent nothing different than any cable news channel. At that point the generally liberal supporters will stop contributing the NPR and public broadcasting will cease to exist.
Wonkette's take on Congressman Markey's call for Tomlinson's resignation.
Blue State Congressman, Big Red Dog

Congressman Markey consorts with constituents. Tragedy ensued later that afternoon when Clifford mistakenly entered Senator Frist's office, where he was quickly euthanized and dissected. — WONKETTE

Lol, clever comment.

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