Saturday, June 04, 2005

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Virginia Law

The 4th circuit court of appeals struck down a Virginia law banning late term abortions. A victory in the battle for responsible government that does not interfere in people's most private personal medical decisions. Writing for the majority Judge M. Blane Michael says:
But even if 'abortion [is] offensive to our most basic principles of morality . . . that cannot control our decision,' for our obligation is to apply the Supreme Court's definition of personal liberty, "not to mandate our own moral code."

And the right wing war on the Judiciary continues...
"We've got a major problem and it's not with the legislature, it's with the courts," Cuccinelli said. "Because of these sorts of rulings . . . we get a bunch of judges that want to write their own policy into the Constitution."

The 4th Circuit is considered the most conservative appeallate Court in the Country, and these lunatics think it's too liberal. There is no respect for the rule of law in this bunch, and they seem oftentimes to advocate overturning 200 years of Court precedent stretching back to Marbury. They certainly want to throw out the expansion of due process and privacy rights that were developed in the 1960s and 1970s. Following precedent seems to be their very definition of a "activist judge."

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