Wednesday, October 05, 2005

McCain Amendment Passes Senate

The McCain Amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill to impose restrictions on the treatment of prisoners by US troops has overwhelmingly passed the Senate in a 90-9 vote. The President has threatened to veto the bill if the amendment was added to it.
The White House has said Bush advisers would recommend the president veto the entire bill over the legislation. But a veto is considered highly unlikely given that Bush has never used that power.

He won't veto the bill, and it will present the incredible weakness of this Administration right now. Even if it were vetoed I would wager that we see a Congressional Override making him look still weaker. Add his early struggles on the Miers confirmation and this Administration looks incapable of accomplishing much of anything right now, they're just lucky to have a 10 vote margin in the Senate. So, now it is time to ask the question. Who are the pro torture Senators? Looks like:
Allard (CO)
Stevens (AK)
Bond (MO)
Coburn (OK)
Cochrane (MS)
Cornyn (TX)
Inhoffe (OK)
Roberts (KS)
Sessions (AL)

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Abe said...

I am glad it passed, McCain is the man, I am surprised that Santorum and Brownback did not vote yes.