Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Puzzling Choice

Why did the President choose someone who seems horribly under qualified and has really bothered his base supporters to be on the Supreme Court. Ken Mehlman may have the answer.
Ken Mehlman, chairman of the Republican National Committee, yesterday held a conference call with conservative leaders to address their concerns about Miers. He stressed Bush's close relationship with Miers and the need to confirm a justice who will not interfere with the administration's management of the war on terrorism, according to a person who attended the teleconference.

National Journal outlines this week's RNC Talking Points.
Working With Her Staff Of 13 Lawyers, And In Cooperation With The Justice Department, Miers' Office Provides Guidance On Issues From The Legal Parameters For The War On Terrorism To Presidential Speeches.

It doesn't matter what the hearings reveal about her judicial philosophy, it seems to me as though her nomination is an affront to judicial independence. Hugh Hewitt predicts that if Bush gets a 3rd SCOTUS nomination it will be Alberto Gonzalez. Bush is not trying to pack the Court with right wing ideologues who will overturn Roe and the New Deal, though I'm sure he considers them to be a nice bonus. Bush wants a Court that will allow him to exercise previously unheard of power as the executive. Even looking down the list, who seems to be at the top of the list for who Bush has been considering outside of the White House? Seems to be Michael Luttig who recently ruled that an American citizen has no due process rights if he's detained as a "enemy combatant." I think Bush saw that the Rehnquist Court would not allow him to exercise the kinds of authority he wants texerciseze, thus his choices for the Supreme Court have been very short sighted. It's all about Presidential Power people.

I have one question for Ms. Miers, if nothing else is asked of her in the judiciary committee I want an answer to this one. "Ms. Miers, when a case involving the Bush Administration comes before the Court will you recuse yourself?"

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