Monday, October 17, 2005

This is odd

Pew Research Center asks the public's opinion on Republican leaders in Congress and Democratic Leaders in Congress. The crazy thing is, they have nearly identical numbers. Lets review why this is odd.

House Majority Leader: Indicted for violation of campaign finance laws (I know, DeLay's technically not the Majority Leader anymore, but come on, we all know where the power lies)
Senate Majority Leader: Under investigation for insider trading.
Other Things to Note: One House member sold his house to a contributor for way below market value, the contributor proceeded to sell it for way over market value.
Many members of the caucus have been linked to Abramoff and his illegal tactics.

In Both Houses: Have been a horribly innefective opposition Party and are totally without any power.

Is the public unable to distinguish between the level of the Democrat's crime (being typical Democrats) and the Republican's crimes of corruption? Or do they lump all scandals into one big pile and say "they're all corrupt"? This poll doesn't bode well for the midterm elections, but if Democrats are able to exploit Republican scandals against their own opposition, the public's inability to distinguish may not matter.

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