Monday, November 13, 2006

Now is the Time to Go After Smith

DailyKos brought me this insight regarding Norm Coleman in Minnesota.
One of the keys to taking out Conrad Burns in Montana was early efforts by Montana Democrats (using DSCC money) to soften up Burns in 2005.

There's no need to give 2008 Republican incumbents any respite. Hit them hard, hit them early. And in Minnesota, DFLers are chomping at the bit to take out Norm Coleman.
With the wind at their backs, Minnesota Democrats are quickly making Republican U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman their next target.

Following Amy Klobuchar's overwhelming Senate victory last week, Democrats are expected to line up soon in hopes of winning support for a 2008 run at Coleman, a stout backer of President Bush.

"I think the list of Democratic hopefuls for the 2008 U.S. Senate race has just grown exponentially,'' said University of Minnesota political science professor Larry Jacobs. "The reality of Klobuchar's smashing victory is so enticing. It's like honey for bees.''

If we're going to knock off the fake moderate Gordon Smith in 2008 now is the time to really start going after him hard. If we wait until early 2008 to start working hard to expose the fact that he's not really a moderate then it will likely be too late. So I propose a program accross the Oregon lefty blogosphere to start hammering Smith as often as possible over the course of the next two years starting today and doing whatever we can to bring strong smart Democrats like Blumenauer or Kitzhaber into a 2008 showdown with Smith.


verasoie said...

Every other blog seems to be jumping on this theme, so why not here: I live in Bluemenauer's district, and I sure hope he doesn't leave his seat now thtat he's in the Majority, not until the spoils have come home for a while.

Blumenauer hasn't had a real race to run since I don't know when, so I'm not sure how he'd do statewide, although Wyden (who represented this district before him) that it can be done. My money (or hopes at least) is on Kitz, as this would be the perfect platform from which to advance his agenda to improve our healthcare system.

Chuck Butcher said...

Ty Pettit stepped up some time ago.

Sponge said...

I think Kitzhaber is the only dem in the state that could take Gordo out. I think Les Aucoin could have a shot if he started now, but I don't think either man is interested in running.

Greg said...

Didn't Les Aucoin run against Packwood in '92? It's been awhile since he's been in the public eye, but I know he's at least been staying visible within the state party, speaking at DPO conferences and whatnot. I just think he might have let his public brand recognition slip a little. I agree that Kitz is the best shot we have (for now, at least). In 2002 he said he was leaving politics to spend more time with his family, but within a few years he was divorced, so maybe he could be coaxed into making a go of it this time.

As for Gordo, anyone who remembers the '95 special election (to fill out the remainder of Sen. Packing Wood in Washington's term) knows the moderate facade is just that. He's no moron though - he completely altered his public image for the '96 race and has been successfully keeping it up ever since.

In 2002 my wife (along with most of the UO College Dems) put in a substantial number of volunteer hours on the Bradbury campaign. The DSCC that year was a mess, and didn't have any cash for Bradbury (who didn't raise much on his own, either). I think the campaign had a total of one television spot to counter Smith's "he voted to raise your taxes 67 times!" nonsense. It was a dispiriting race. But if someone steps up to give Smith a serious challenge in 2008, I'll be the first to volunteer to help send him packing home to Pendleton.