Monday, October 09, 2006

David Reinhard Is Delusional

In the midst of a Democratic wave in the 2006 elections David Reinhard appears to have stepped up his delusion factor above even what it normally is by suggesting that Darlene Hooley (D-5th) is in danger of losing her reelection bid. Never mind that nobody who knows what they're talking about or has a reputation to uphold has this race even on their radar screen, Reinhard is convinced that Hooley is likely to fall.
Y es, it takes some getting used to. Oregon has one of the nation's competitive congressional races, and it's a Democratic incumbent at risk. Something like this just isn't supposed to happen in a true blue state in a season when Mark Foley and "Red America" Republicans -- sorry, make that George Bush and "Red America" Republicans -- are on the run. And yet, a month out from Election Day, Rep. Darlene Hooley is in the race of her life in Oregon's 5th Congressional District.

The signs are everywhere. There's the Moore Information poll that shows Hooley with only a 44-37 lead over Republican Mike Erickson, and 17 percent of likely voters undecided. OK, Moore Information is Erickson's pollster, but that poll is not the only sign or even the most important one. The first came when Hooley felt compelled to run fact-challenged attack-ads against Erickson early on.

Mostly I found this collumn funny, particularly since Reinhard shows that it is himself rather than Hooley who is out of touch. In other news, Reinhard (this shouldn't be surprising) is a liar.
n independent expenditure group (the Economic Freedom Fund) hit Hooley for, among other things, favoring Social Security for illegal aliens.

I don't know what this is talking about, but there was no vote in the House that did this, so this is badly distorting something, I've never heard anyone support that idea, in fact its not even on the table. This dishonest collumn was good for only one thing, a good laugh.

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Torrid said...

ready for this? The spin is that because Hooley voted for the bill to ease some undocumenteds into citizenship eventually, and that of course they would then be eligible to earn Social Security credit, that she favors giving illegal aliens SS.

Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

(We laughed long and loud over at Loaded O this morning, too. So did Blue Oregon.)