Thursday, October 12, 2006

HD-24 Debate to be Held October 18th

UPDATE 4:30 10/13---Donna Nelson has agreed to participate in the debate. To make it more convenient for Representative Nelson it has been moved to Friday October 27th at 6:00 PM, the location remains unchanged

Next Wednesday, the Linfield College Democrats will be hosting a debate between the candidates for House District 24. Sal Peralta the Democrat, and David Terry the Libertarian have agreed to attend. We have not heard back from Rep Nelson, and while we would love for her to attend the debate will commence without her presence. The unfortunate fact of incumbency is that there is rarely a motivation to agree to debate. Donna Nelson, as far I can tell has no desire to participate. This is unfortunate but will not prevent a debate from being held.

The debate will be held on Wednesday, October 18th at 7:00 PM at Linfield College in the Melrose Auditorium, now renamed to "Ice". The debate will be moderated by Associate Professor of Communication Arts at Linfield College, Jackson Miller, and Associate Professor of Mass Communication at Linfield College Nancy Cornwell. The debabte will be aired live on the Linfield College radio station KSLC 90.3 FM.

Representative Nelson really should get out of her bubble and agree to participate, but she seems hell bent on avoiding it. Should be some excellent clash between Peralta and Terry though. If you're in the neighborhood please do come, it will be free of charge.

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Abe said...

It should be the Ice Auditorium in Melrose Hall.