Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Carter on a Roll

Jack Carter won the Democratic Primary today, but that's not why he's on a roll, since his primary victory was a given. Carter is on a roll because he's received a lot of attention in the past week. The New York Times ran a story on him yesterday, winning the primary has given Carter much media attention today, National Public Radio ran a story on Carter yesterday, and he appeared on Hardball with Chris Mathews today. This increased media attention is going to provide a big boost to Carter in name recognition that could put the Nevada race into serious contention. Carter has surged in recent polls, one poll conducted by Rasmussen has Carter only 7% down, others have a wider gap, but this race can definately be in play, and the increase in attention will only help Carter to catch Ensign. There are few people taking the Carter-Ensign race seriously, but this is a prime seat for the Democrats to pick up and could be the 51st seat needed for a majority.

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