Sunday, August 20, 2006

Where the White Women At?

Every August we seem to have the return of "Where the White Women At?" The quest in the SCLM to locate our nation's missing white women. This week, the return of the JonBenet Ramsey story. Don't get me wrong, its a horrible story, someone killing a mere child as is suspected, but lets be real. This kind of stuff happens all the time. If JonBenet had not been a rich white girl, and had instead been a poor inner city black girl, none of us would ever have heard of her. The most attention the story would have recieved would have been a local newspaper story, it certainly never would have become a favorite of network television and a nationwide story. Instead it is a story that is universally well known by the American public. And why? Because the media loves a missing rich white girl, and JonBenet Ramsey fit that profile.

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