Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm Worried

Everything appears to be looking up for Democrats looking at the 2006 midterm elections. Recent generic congressional ballot polling has the Democrats with anywhere from a 12-18 point edge over Republicans depending on the poll. Egged on by poor fundraising numbers, the GOP has made the ID-01 contest between right wing lunatic Bill Sali and Democrat Larry Grant one of their targeted races, not to pick up, just to hold. Given the general state of Democrats in IDaho that race should not be competitive, yet it might be and Republicans are afraid of it becoming so.

Its easy to count to a 50-50 split in the Senate, its reasonable to suggest that Ford or Carter could be the 51st Democrat for a majority. Larry Sabato's recent list of swing races that the election could turn on requires less than half to be won by Democrats in order to take the House. Now DailyKos runs a story today about how the WA-05 could be in play, this was Tom Foley's old District, so it shouldn't be a stretch for the Democrats to win it, but in recent years it has trended strongly Republican, and for it to be in play is very bad news for the GOP.

I'm loving all the good news, and am very optimistic about the November elections, but in a way there is too much good news. It seems too good to be true, and things that are too good to be true usually just aren't true, and that has me worried.


Daniel Kirkdorffer said...
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Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

None of this is just mere luck though. A lot of hard work on the Democratic side has made for viable candidates like Goldmark, and a lot of continued bumbling mistakes by Republicans and the Bush administration have so soured Americans that even conservatives are willing to vote for Democrats this election cycle.

Abe said...

I got one thing to say: 1994

The GOP was in the same boat the Dems are in today.

Anonymous said...

"bumbling mistakes"

Like the war in Iraq, perhaps. Which the vast majority of Democrats supported, even though the so-called evidence offered to justify it was extremely weak to non-existent. And still do support.

Yeah, I can't wait until the Democrats are in charge. Maybe we'll be really lucky and get Hillary Clinton.

Abe said...

Actually no, a majority of Dems did support the war but ot anymore.

Crag Hill said...

Hey, it's good for a change to be worried about possible good changes.

Goldmark's a strong candidate, smart, energetic, firm. If he personally grinds it out house-to-house like George Nethercutt circa 1994, he's got the district. This district responds like few others to face-to-face connection. Must be all the wheat fields in-between that starves us for intelligent contact.

Cwech said...

Good to hear from you Crag, I'm cautiously optimistic about that one, Goldmark does have some good credentials that should play well in the district, he knows governing since he has served in State Government, he knows agriculture, both things that should be very important to that district.

Anonymous said...

Go Democrats! Keep the ball in your court and never give an inch to the opposition. We will never be blessed with true Socialism until you guys build the foundation for us.

Build on, Comrades.