Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Recent Changes to Cwech Dozen

I have just updated the Cwech Dozen due to some recent changes, I have added Jack Carter in Nevada due to a new poll showing him closing in on Republican incumbent John Ensign, and have added Darcy Burner in the WA-08 House race against Republican incumbent Dave Reichert due to Congressional Quarterly updating the status of the race to "leans Republican," the NYT election guide calls this race a "toss up" and the district itself looks like a prime pickup opportunity, the district was won by both Gore and Kerry, and elected Reichert by less than a 5% margin in 2004. That leaves one spot remaining on the Cwech Dozen, if you have any suggestions for who to fill it with please leave a comment. My only criteria are that it be a Democrat in a competitive race preferably for House or Senate, I don't choose sides in primaries either for the purposes of the list. Candidates web pages are linked on the side bar.

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Abe said...

you won't like it but Harold Ford, he a Democrat in a competetive race.