Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Post

I woke up this morning and went to the Linfield campus convenience store for a coffee. The woman who was working the store at that time said to me "it sure is quiet on campus this morning, is there no class? I thought you only had major holidays off." This statement struck me as odd, that someone within the category of people who labor day is supposed to celebrate did not even consider labor day to be a "major" holiday. I responded, "well, it is labor day." To which she said nothing at all and I went on my way. But if anybody is going to have labor day off it shouldn't be the students and the professors, it shouldn't be the CEOs of corporations, it should be the working people who the holiday celebrates, rather those very people are the only ones who do work on labor day. The Oregonian pointed this out this morning in a short collumn in the "Metro" section. Given this, its no surprise that the woman I talked to this morning did not consider labor day to be a "major" holiday, because labor day does not celebrate her contributions to society, rather it pretends to celebrate them while in actuality it celebrates their employers. Labor day is supposed to be the workers holiday yet it has been robbed from workers to such a large extent that they don't even feel any connection to it.

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