Monday, September 04, 2006

New York Times Does About Face

The New York Times, apparently realizing the stupidity of their series of "the Democrats just can't get their act together" articles, now turns arround suddenly and gets the picture that the Republicans are in trouble. The growing conventional wisdom is that the Democrats will likely take back the House in November, something that I've been saying for several months now. That conventional wisdom may or may not prove to be correct, but the national climate certainly seems tilted in the Democrats favor. In response, Republicans have turned to the argument that the national sentiment doesn't matter.
“Democrats are trying to indict an entire class of people, who happen to be called Republican candidates for Congress,” said Glen Bolger, a Republican pollster handling dozens of House races. “We have to bring individual indictments with different cases and different pieces of evidence.”

Bolger here hits on precisely what the Democrats need to be doing, running against the Republican Party and Bush Administration as a whole. It was Republicans who created the Iraq mess, it was Republicans who screwed up the Katrina response, Republicans who created the massive deficit, Republicans who want to destroy social security, Republicans who ignore the law to spy on Americans, Republicans who refuse to question the President when he ignores the law to spy on Americans, Republicans who want to change the law to make it legal for the President to spy on Americans. I could keep going but I think I've made the point. When you control all three branches of government and govern as badly as the Republicans have, its hard to expect that blame will be placed anywhere but on your Party, and when you run for office as a Republican you associate yourself with all of that. It makes perfect sense that Republicans want to make this about individual candidates and take the national scene out of the debate, but Democrats need to be doing the exact opposite and placing them all in the same boat, for that's where they belong.

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Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

Well said. Republicans are scrambling to be their own person, and come across as independents. Yet when they take their first vote next year it will be for House and Senate leadership and they will be voting for Frist or Hastert, and that's evidence enough of their fealty and the need to replace each and every one of them.