Friday, September 29, 2006

Statesman Journal Endorses Sal Peralta

The Statesman Journal out of Salem today endorsed Salvador Peralta in the race for House District 24. They cite as their primary reason Peralta's vision compared with Nelson's complete absence of acheivements.
He's passionate about campaign-finance reform; he helped get two measures on the November ballot.

Peralta is clear about what he wants to achieve, and he has ideas about how to pay for it. For instance, his top priority is improving Oregon's funding for K-12 and higher education, which he says ranks among the lowest in the nation. He would find money by eliminating the corporate kicker and allowing communities to expand systems-development charges to pay for school construction.

He would be a strong advocate for doing the people's business in public and giving citizens the same access as lobbyists. He wants to put more money into providing health insurance for children and combating meth addiction.

Peralta has so much conviction in the importance of campaign finance reform that he has refused to take any out of State PAC money. This race comes down to two very different visions of Oregon, someone who brings fresh ideas and a commitment to bettering people's lives by improving schools and healthcare, versus someone who wants to drop the Oregon minimum wage all the way down to the federal minimum of $5.15 an hour. The choice should be clear here in McMinnville and across Yamhill County.


Sponge said...

Maybe "The choice should be clear," but the choice won't be Sal. The district is too conservative and too Republican, and Sal hasn't been around long enough to get sufficiently noticed.

Cwech said...

that's why this is an important endorsement, because it raises awareness of Peralta. Newspaper endorsements don't win elections, but they can help to get your message to wider range of voters. Duerfelt took more than 40% in this district in 2004 and Peralta is a far more compelling candidate than Duerfelt was, don't write him off, I think we've got a legitimate shot at a pickup here.

Sponge said...

Maybe next time. So, how well did Duerfelt do against Nelson in 2002? The 2004 campaign was Duerfelt's second shot at her. Sal may very well be a more compelling candidate than Tim was, but he still hasn't built the ground swell needed to take Donna out in Yamhill County - yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sponge ... how's the view from the cheap seats, kid?

Whatever side of the fence your on, pick up a shovel and start digging?

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Sponge said...

The view from the cheap seats is better than you will ever know. I spent nearly 15 years in public office. I know what it takes to raise money, run a campaign, get elected and do the job. I may be leaning on my shovel, for now, but you've got a long way to go to catch up.