Thursday, September 28, 2006

This is not America

The Bush Torture Act of 2006 passed the Senate today, I don't know what to say except to ask the following questions:
Is this China?
Saudi Arabia?
the return of the USSR?
We have now gone down the path of dictators everywhere, following in the footsteps of Augusto Pinochet. The United States does not torture. Not the United States I know. What country is this? The United States has always been a beacon of hope for the world. We have been the light of liberty, and of due process to the world, now we torture. We were once a great nation, now we've lowered ourselves to the company of lowly dictatorships. Lowly dictatorships that have no respect for human rights. This is not America. Where has my country gone?


Anonymous said...

This still is a great nation, the greatest in the world. I do not support this bill but bush is not a dictator. The American Dream stills exists people will continue to come to the Us in droves, my country hasn't gone anywhere. I hate how liberals overreaact to everything it drives me nuts if the people at kos are what the democratic party going to turn into than it not a party I wan to be a part of. fortunatly for me the party will remain a center-left party and be dominated by moderates. If kos users want to be truely happy move to Europe now there you see true left parties.

true_slicky said...

So glad anonymous would prefer to be the party of torture rather than the party of Kos. That's.... rational, to say the least.

It's interesting that on Monday there is a National Intelligence Estimate says that our actions- specifcally concerning Iraq- enflame the jihadists in the Middle East, then on Tuesday we legislate torture.

Gosh! WHY would radical Islamists want to kill us. I... have... no... idea...!

Anonymous said...

I nver said i suport Torture in fact I oppose the bill.

true_slicky said...

you know who else doesn't support the bill.

"the kos people" that, for some reason, you're afraid that the Democrats will become like.

why, because they "overreact" when we become the land of the torturers? tell me, anonymous, what else the proper "reaction" to shameful disgrace of American values that occurred in the Senate today? a collective shrug?

why not siding with the pundits from the right bleating about how horrible this bill is? oh, wait. that's right...

yeah, the Kos crowd "overreacts" simply because we want to preserve our liberty...

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying I'm not upset by it but I just not going to overreact, yes this bill sucks but it not going to cause America to crumble so calm down slick.

Anonymous said...

Hey there slicky here a few of the things I believe in:
Universial health care
No Patriot Act
The Iraq War is a mistake
Worker Protections clauses with free trade agreements
I thought the Bankrupcy Bill,, the class Action Fairness act, was horrible
I am for stem cell research
I think because of the 14th amendment we should allow gay marriage
i think burning the flagis morally reprehensible but i don't support the ban because of the free speech issues.
I can count the number of bush policies I agree with on one hand.
I don't hate liberals I think their vital to the party I just think they overreact sometimes.

Cwech said...

This thread is becoming a 2 person flame war, enough, both of you.

Anonymous said...

Falme war I got no hard feelings towards slick he seems like a good guy

true_slicky said...

all right, I'll give Cwech a break.

but the "Kos people" are directing a fight agaisnt the Rovian radicals that have taken over our country. it's your choice whether to join the fight or wave from the sidelines...

Abe said...

Rove will be gone in 2009 the Dems will win in 2008 the GOP has screwed up too much to win. It not like Bush is a dictator. I not standing on the sidelines. Remember the GOP are friendly rivals not our enemy. Someone like-al-qaeda is the enemy