Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Armando Way Over the Top

Front pager Armando has gone way over the top over at DailyKos in this outrageous attack on Baucus. Baucus is wrong to support Roberts, I believe that, but to go this far in attacking him for it is absolutely unreasonable. I did not comment for other posters have said far better of this post than I could. Here is one that I found particularly useful.
A perfect caricature of a hysterical lefty (4.00 / 6)

Armando, I think you need to breathe into a sack! You are spewing a lot of ignorant crap about Sen. Max Baucus, and you don't know what you are talking about.

Baucus disrespects the values of the Democratic Party? He is a tool for the repugs? Educate yourself, brother...

Max Baucus' ratings:

NARAL - 100%
National Farmers Union - 100%
Americans for the Arts - 100%
ACLU - 78%
NAACP - 88%
Leadership Council on Civil Rights - 100%
NEA - 85%
PTA - 73%
American Assoc. of University Women - 100%
Business and Prof. Women USA - 100%
AFL-CIO - 92%
Postal Workers Union - 92%
SEIU - 100%
CWA - 100%
AFSCME - 82%
American Bar Assoc - 100%
Americans for Democratic Action - 85%
NCO Assoc - 100%
Bread for the World - 100%
Population Connection - 100%
Population Action International - 100%
Information Technology Industry Council - 100%
Partnership for the Homeless - 100%

On the other hand:

Family Research Council - 0%
Eagle Forum - 20%

Disagree with Baucus over the Roberts nomination if you like, but your blanket declarations of party apostasy are shrill in the extreme. You give the progressive movement a bad name. This hysteria does more harm than good.

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