Monday, September 12, 2005

The ColdStone Scam

I was in ColdStone Creamery today in McMinnville, and was examining the menu as I stood in line. On the left they had a board that posted special ice cream concoctions that they will make for $3.99 (remember the price, its important). On the middle board it had the create your own concoction prices at $3.09 including one free "add-in". Additional add ins were $0.49. I looked at the Rocky Road on the board and it said it was chocolate with almonds and marshmallows. So, if I order a chocolate for $3.09 and add-in marshmallows as my first add in, I can add in the walnuts for another $0.49. That gets me to $3.58 and I have the exact same thing that the other board listed at $3.99. Explain that to me? The person working at the store didn't seem to get it when I explained this to her, but this is quite the little scam to rip off innocent customers who like Rocky Road ice cream.

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Kari Chisholm said...

Marsee Baking has (had?) a sandwich called a California Bagel - cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, sprouts. But, if you ordered them each individually it was a good 50 cents cheaper than the item on the menu.

I'd order it as a custom sandwich, and then they'd always say "Oh, a California Bagel!" and I'd say "No, that's 50 cents more. I just want the cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, and sprouts."

Sometimes they'd get it, other times they'd say "but it's the same thing!" and I'd say "Sure is. Can't figure out why it's on the menu for 50 cents more."

Eventually, I stopped going altogether. Mostly because no one in any of their stores (including the airport one) can toast a bagel and make a latte in under 10 minutes. Even when the store is empty.