Sunday, September 25, 2005

Brilliance at the Oregonian Comics Page

When Charles Schulz died newspapers accross the Country continued to run Peanuts as they had for 50 years. When the greatest cartoonist ever retired however, Calvin and Hobbes stopped running. This is undoubtedly in part because Waterson had only been doing Calvin and Hobbes for 10 years when he retired and thus didn't have the huge archive of comics that Schulz had assembled, but nonetheless, greatness deserves to remain in the comics page even as reruns. Therefore, out of remembrance of the greatness of Calvin and Hobbes I applaud the Oregonian for running rerun strips, and I hope that they continue this. As a side note I would also mention that I would love for the Oregonian to pick up The Boondocks as it is clearly one of the top strips out there right now.

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