Monday, September 05, 2005

Roberts Nominated For Chief Justice

wow, it took Bush all of about 32 hours to come up with who he wanted to be the new Chief Justice. The stakes on the Roberts nomination just went down. Democrats need to make their opposition to Roberts known, and need to ask questions in committee that will reveal his views, thus we can treat Roberts as Rehnquist's successor instead of O'Conner's and insist on someone more like O'Conner as her replacement. There is no longer any need to try to block Roberts no matter what he says in committee, Democrats need to be very clear that Bush has picked a staunch conservative much like Rehnquist to succeed the Chief Justice, and now another such conservative as O'Conner's replacement is absolutely unacceptable.

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Abe said...

While Roberts is a conservative he is a scholary and pragmatic conservative like Rehnquist and not a crazy one like Scalia. Now we need Alberto Gonzales (who is more moderate) to be named AJ and the court is the same before O'Connor retired. Also I would also be outraged if another conservative is named but what can we do? Its our fault for not winning the election. I am sure conservatives were outraged by Ginsburg and Breyer but Democrats were in power at the time.