Saturday, September 24, 2005

Desperate Dems Try to Bring Back Former Governor

Democrats worried about Kulongoski's low poll numbers and apparent vulnerability in the 2006 midterms are working to bring back former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber as a primary challenger to the struggling incumbent. I love Kitzhaber, but it doesn't look like he's seriously entertaining this idea at all.
But, he added: "It would take an awful lot to make me believe that I could do more good for the world Logan (his 7-year-old son) will inherit with another four years as governor rather than with what I'm doing privately."

Rumors about a potential Kitzhaber candidacy have swirled in recent weeks. Given the chance to rule it out entirely, the two-term Democrat didn't. Instead, he grinned and said such a move is "hard to imagine" and that he has no plans to run.

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