Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dude, Come Off It

Michael Newdow's personal crusade against the pledge of allegiance is getting more than a little annoying. Leaving out the fact that he is right, he lacks all credibility after suing on behalf of his daughter who he a) didn't have custody over and b) didn't even agree with him. Now Newdow has brought a new suit filed on behalf of three unnamed parents in California. The case has won in the District Court in San Francisco, and will probably face appeal to the 9th Circuit and eventually the Supreme Court again.

Now what is up with this? If a black man says he's been discriminated against does the Associated Press say in every other sentence that he's black, harping upon it so as to hammer it well into the unsuspecting reader's brain? Wait, I don't think I understood that Newdow is an atheist the first 6 times you said it AP, why don't you say it again just to clarify?

Just to clarify I firmly believe that Newdow was right, I would just prefer that someone else argue the case, because Newdow has no credibility with anyone anymore. Further, this is not the wisest timing for the suit, everyone knows that if forced to rule on the Constitutional question that the Court dodged two years ago they will rule to keep the pledge in place, this should wait until the Court is a little more sympathetic to the idea.

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