Thursday, July 28, 2005

David Scott Votes the Party Line

Now that is a headline. CAFTA passes the house 217-215. Some familiar names on the DINOs, Mellissa Bean, Ike Skelton. Sometime in the near future I'm going to do a closer study of House and Senate voting habits in this Congress. It's time for an update since Chris Bower's study of the first 5 contested bills.


Abe said...

Hey I havnt really got a chance to follow CAFTA all I know it will remove trade barriers from the US and CA and help CA get back on it feet again but I don't know the arguments against. Want to sum them up for me?

Cwech said...

I haven't done enough research to answer that very well. What I've heard is that it doesn't have any real labor or environmental standards, and the economic disparity between the US and Central America is so great that it is really a bad deal for American workers and farmers. The entire North Carolina delegation voted against it because it would be so bad for their constituants.

Abe said...