Saturday, July 09, 2005


While the last round of polling data had Bush hovering arround a dismal 43% approval rating, and dissaprovals consistantly over 50%, the next round will be a big jump for the Bush Administration, their numbers will be near or back over 50% approval because of the culture of fear that has been revitalized with the recent London transit bombings.


Abe said...

I don't think the London Bombings will cause his rating to improve. If anything it would cause his ratings to go down because another attack happened on his watch. But since it in London nothing will change.

Abe said...

The reason I say this is because the Bush Adminstration has said that we have kept the country safe since 9/11. If god forbid there is another attack then the country will blame the Bush Administration.

Cwech said...

I think you misjudge American politics, but we'll see shortly what his ratings look like. Like I said before, I believe it will reinforce the culture of fear the Bush lives on, it knows no rationality, when the public is afraid Bush's numbers go up, when the public is not as afraid Bush's numbers go down.

I think the Lakoff explanation here would be that the public sees less of a need for a strict father when they don't feel that they are under threat, but do see a need for a strict father when there is something to be afraid of.

The other obvious source to cite here would be Macchiavelli in the argument that people rally behind their leaders when they are afraid and look to them for protection. This argument would hold that it doesn't matter who is in office be it Democrat or Republican, people will look to any leader for a sense of safety.

You contend that the American people act rationally and fact based decisions, I think that thought process has been blown away by several studies as well as the results of the 2004 election, but we'll see before long who is right about the London bombings.