Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Where the White Women At?

Latoyia Figueroa, a pregnant single mother has gone missing in Philidelphia, but does CNN care? Nope, they only care about white women. If Latoyia were white I'm sure we would have heard nothing but Latoyia Figueroa since last Monday when it happened. But CNN doesn't care, they care about missing white women. Google News is also in on the story, returning a fabulous 2 hits! No, our news media isn't racist.


Abe said...

As an ethnic minority I do not feel the news media is racist. It took CNN a little while to cover the Aruba case and i am sure that Nancy Grace will have a lot of coverage on here show.

Abe said...

Oh and I posted my first entry on Daily Kos here is my title of the entry.
My View on the 2008 Democratic Nomination
My screen name is NewDemocrat12

Cwech said...

Want to place a wager on this? Because if you do I will take that bet.