Tuesday, July 12, 2005

RNC Defends Outing CIA Operative

Ken Mehlman amazingly said:
The bottom line is Karl Rove was discouraging a reporter from writing a false story based on a false premise, and the Democrats are engaging in blatant partisan political attacks

So the position of the RNC is to no longer deny it, but rather make the absurd claim that it was the right thing to do? So it's now the role of the White House to regulate the press? It's also now ok to release the name of a covert CIA agent endangering national security to make sure the Press doesn't print something false? Please. If they want to make attacks on the content of Joe Wilson's NYT artical in July of 2003, then go ahead. But to defend the act of outing a CIA agent is the most ridiculous position that I can imagine. So ridiculous in fact, that I would have thought that it had to be imagined.

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