Sunday, July 03, 2005

Perhaps Rove Wasn't the Direct Leaker

From Talking Points Memo:
Patrick Fitzgerald is after Rove for some felony arising out of the case (perjury after the fact? conspiracy?) but not the immediate and original act of leaking the name.

There's a lot still unknown here, but it's definately beginning to look as though the White House itself was directly behind the Plame leak. If that's the case this is huge. My apologies for an overly simply original post, the initial reports were hammering Rove hard as the leaker, it turns out now that we still don't know, but do know that Rove was a confidential source in Cooper's story.
I have yet to read Newsweek's story on the events by Michael Isikoff, but I'll be sure to get on it in the near future.

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